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Trusted by institutions, now the preferred solution for tax professionals.

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Trusted by institutions...

now the preferred solution of tax practitioners.




The industry standard since 2014.

Trusted by 200+ funds, fund administrators, fund auditors, exchanges, OTC/prop desks, custodians and more.

Build a new capability.

LukkaTax for professionals.



Drive new revenue.

Scales to support high volumes of clients and transactions.





Trusted by Tax Practitioners


An AICPA Service Organization Company

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Industry standard since 2014

The LukkaTax Experience

Manage transparent


Easily onboard your professionals and enable them to efficiently manage their clients



Guided transaction data collection experience, via native exchange files and manual entry



Standardize and normalize data formats, fields, and tickers for easy cost basis assignment



One view to review transactions, remove duplicates, adjust taxable events, and add cost basis



Generate and download detailed tax lot and roll-forward reports by asset class in FIFO, LIFO, or HIFO

Grow Your Practice


Rapid on-boarding

Easy configuration for multiple users and their clients.

Intuitive interface and multiple accounting methods.

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Serve current clients

Support your crypto-invested clients with confidence.

Help clients who received IRS virtual currency letters.

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Scale efficiently

Manage your clients using a single login and centralized dashboard.

Scales to support high volumes of clients and transactions.

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Grow your client base

Leverage & Lukka joint webinars and FAQs to support your crypto asset client base expansion.



What is LukkaTax for Professionals?

How much does LukkaTax for Professionals cost?

Can I use LukkaTax for Professionals for multiple clients?

Can I export the final reports from LukkaTax into the traditional software that I use to prepare the rest of my clients' tax forms?

Does LukkaTax support mining income, airdrops, and forks?

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LukkaTax for Professionals: Supporting Clients with Taxable Crypto Transactions

January 23 at Noon ET

Don’t miss this opportunity to join and the newest preferred partner solution provider, Lukka, in a webinar and demonstration of the trusted crypto tax preparation tool, exclusively available to CPA’s
Learning objectives:
Gain insight into the latest developments in crypto asset tax
Recognize the unique challenges of crypto tax accounting and how to guide clients
Leverage crypto tax preparation tools to aggregate client transaction data and calculate capital gains and losses
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